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Oh mah GAHwd Tremaine Just Wont let up

March 7, 2010

Time to wake the world up its TREY FOLGERS!!

My baby is clearly on his mixtape ish again #andthatsFINE! over the last few days Trey remixed Travis Porter’s Turned UP, Gucci Mane’s Lemons

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Neighbors…know—–oh Tremainnnne….

March 3, 2010

I tell you what.. Trey is gonna be the death of me….the bite…his back…his expressions….

TS1 + Peach saw this before me and just knew what my reaction was going to be…

boy i almost did a wall-slide —ok I did and a legacy drop ….mark my words….I’ma get me summa HEM.

I have never wanted to hunch somebody so bad! hawwwwwwwwwh


Happy Valentine’s Day LOVies!!

February 14, 2010
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAYYYY!!!!!! Idk why i picked this picture.

ok..yeah i do…it does thangs to ME! It’s like he’s looking back like ‘Q.S. commere bae’ (shudders)

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