Fixated Passion

A Call From A Friend

March 25, 2010

I swear, some of us females sureeeeee know how to pick ’em, huh? Not too long ago (around 3am), I got a text from a guy who, I’m afraid to admit, still has a little piece of my heart. And the irony of THIS text is, I had read an entry from kHRiS blog (@iTS_kHRiS) just mere hours before going to sleep, so waking up to a text after just expressing how this ninja still has me…? Yeah, pretty much screwed…

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March 8, 2010

This AINT watcha want NIGGA!

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Cabin Fever

February 26, 2010

ACK! Please help me from being snowed in, I can’t take it anymore!

And whats worst than being stuck in the house all day with nothing to do? That’s right, no laptop to actually be bored on. I’m having one of those “Shoot me NOW.. no, RIGHT now please!” moments as I try to figure out what to eat. Nothing is delivering, everything is closed and New York City is acting like it never had a snow day. Are we really that scared of snow now? I remember being younger and STILL had to go to school, even when the snow came up to my neck. What happened to the power house that is NYC?! The industrial city is losing it’s touch.

Anyway, since my laptop is broken I was only able to update Purple Junkaye once today, so I whipped out the phone and started writing some poems. Enjoy!!

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Be-late-d Valentine…=\

February 17, 2010
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So I guess…I’m a little late, but considering my personal feelings on the day. It’s fitting.

I am in LOVE…in fact, it’s the most purest form of love I’ve experienced since the birth of my child. It’s free. Not judgemental and most of all…its Real. Raw. Straight kinetic energy…its moves through me, it moves me, it makes me complete to where I didn’t know I was incomplete before….

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STAR Gazing…

February 16, 2010


The closer I get to you, the farther you become
And the more I push to be with you, the more I forget about some.
I have no problems being away, but does it have to be so long?
Sometimes I feel like ‘forget it’, but I continue to be strong.
I bet I want this as bad as you do, I need this more for me
Because I feel now that we’re here, we don’t need to turn back; the past we can let it be…

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The Season Of Love

February 14, 2010

My My My How The Love Fills The Air…

So this holiday called Valentine’s Day is all over the place. I haven’t a problem with it, actually. I loved it growing up cause it meant free chocolates and love letters from the boys who loved you in school. And don’t forget the anonymous crushes you had on the guys, sending them love taps and secret admirer notes. Do You Like Me? Yes No Maybe notes.

Ahh, those were the days, weren’t they?

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Happy Valentine’s Day LOVies!!

February 14, 2010
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAYYYY!!!!!! Idk why i picked this picture.

ok..yeah i do…it does thangs to ME! It’s like he’s looking back like ‘Q.S. commere bae’ (shudders)

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Dedicated To The Lost Loves…

February 3, 2010
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Poem from the heart..

I wrote you a letter 3 summers ago
I’m still wondering if you received it.
I waited so long for you to write me back;
apparently, you didn’t read it.
You said you needed me in your life
and I understood that clear
which is why I reached out to you
just to bring you near.


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