Fixated Passion

Gripes of the New Age Mother

March 4, 2010

So….I’m about to go my first rant on this blog. If you cant understand OH the-hell WELL!(My sisters are used to it by now.)

I’m here sitting at work, just about fed UP with all this nonsense. I think the hardest thing about being a parent is having to deal with the other parent…It kills me to no end that the parent who has to do EVERYTHING under the sun, from nurse to private investigator to disciplinarian with no complaints…

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Neighbors…know—–oh Tremainnnne….

March 3, 2010

I tell you what.. Trey is gonna be the death of me….the bite…his back…his expressions….

TS1 + Peach saw this before me and just knew what my reaction was going to be…

boy i almost did a wall-slide —ok I did and a legacy drop ….mark my words….I’ma get me summa HEM.

I have never wanted to hunch somebody so bad! hawwwwwwwwwh


Cabin Fever

February 26, 2010

ACK! Please help me from being snowed in, I can’t take it anymore!

And whats worst than being stuck in the house all day with nothing to do? That’s right, no laptop to actually be bored on. I’m having one of those “Shoot me NOW.. no, RIGHT now please!” moments as I try to figure out what to eat. Nothing is delivering, everything is closed and New York City is acting like it never had a snow day. Are we really that scared of snow now? I remember being younger and STILL had to go to school, even when the snow came up to my neck. What happened to the power house that is NYC?! The industrial city is losing it’s touch.

Anyway, since my laptop is broken I was only able to update Purple Junkaye once today, so I whipped out the phone and started writing some poems. Enjoy!!

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What Did That Pillow Ever Do To You?

February 25, 2010
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So Q.S. sent two videos to my inbox yesterday and I swear, I just about DIED at this one for an hour. Bruh, is he post-pubescent or something?

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An Accomplished Woman

February 24, 2010
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Often enough, we all come to terms with the talents and hidden wonders that we possess can (and in most some cases will) take us to new beginning and new heights. As I sit here and finish up on a payment to two new domains (YES SISTERS!!! We will be blogging with our own domain soon!) I’ve come to find out that mine are well on their way…

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Flusterfication+Anger=Kanye Rant…

February 22, 2010
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[Napoleon sigh x56]

As I sit here in front of the computer with so many things running through my mind…I’m clothed in anger. I hold so much back and slowly and surely I’m inching towards exploding and to the people that have been irking me forever? you’re first on my fckn list.

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Who We Choose

February 22, 2010
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Who we choose to have in our lives, should be between US and the God that we serve (Rickey Smiley voice). I don’t know why I got the urge to post this, but lately, I’ve been reading magazine articles and interviews and seeing that artist are getting criticized for the company that they are keeping. And I use the term artist loosely because we [writers, painters, musicians, etc.] are all showcasing the same thing, just different ways…

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Be-late-d Valentine…=\

February 17, 2010
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So I guess…I’m a little late, but considering my personal feelings on the day. It’s fitting.

I am in LOVE…in fact, it’s the most purest form of love I’ve experienced since the birth of my child. It’s free. Not judgemental and most of all…its Real. Raw. Straight kinetic energy…its moves through me, it moves me, it makes me complete to where I didn’t know I was incomplete before….

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STAR Gazing…

February 16, 2010


The closer I get to you, the farther you become
And the more I push to be with you, the more I forget about some.
I have no problems being away, but does it have to be so long?
Sometimes I feel like ‘forget it’, but I continue to be strong.
I bet I want this as bad as you do, I need this more for me
Because I feel now that we’re here, we don’t need to turn back; the past we can let it be…

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The Season Of Love

February 14, 2010

My My My How The Love Fills The Air…

So this holiday called Valentine’s Day is all over the place. I haven’t a problem with it, actually. I loved it growing up cause it meant free chocolates and love letters from the boys who loved you in school. And don’t forget the anonymous crushes you had on the guys, sending them love taps and secret admirer notes. Do You Like Me? Yes No Maybe notes.

Ahh, those were the days, weren’t they?

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