Fixated Passion


The Beginning of My Everything


It was a warm day in May

I was pissed

Through in the worse way

My Cavs blew their chances at the chip

So I decided to walk my anger away

The corner was my destination

But destiny saw further than I did

Steaming so badly

 I could barely see

Through my exasperation and attitude

You saw something in me

“GOD BLESS YOU”, you said

And that he did

An introduction led to a discussion

What next to come of this

That chance meeting passed

I thought that was the end

I came to know the teddy bear

Under the armor

You became my friend

Something made me want you

Our story plain as day

Friends to lovers it seemed

Could it be?

Someone for you and for me

I love you now

 I feel real love when I look in your eyes

But I guess that’s comes as no surprise

When someone says “God Bless You”

Before they say hi!


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