Fixated Passion


What makes PEACH so Fly?!

I am a perfect mass of  imperfections. Every oxymoron you could  pair. Arrogantly Humble. Regularly Unique. Attractively Ugly . Sanely Irrational. Bittersweet. To know me is to love and me, and to hate me is to love me too!  My writing is my escape. It is my fortress to the pungent reality that is existence. I am a roaring lioness and my material is my cub. The best parts of me remain secreted, like an untapped resource so that they don’t become tainted by the world. My sisters and I ask not only that you come with an open mind, but accept our work with an open heart because that’s where it comes from!

Enjoy and I hope you find yourself like us…Fixated!


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