Fixated Passion

In a World Where…

March 10, 2010

I decided to start this weekly post called, “In a World Where…”, because I got tired of hearing people say “Wheredeydothatat?” Obviously…HERE!DUH!!

Now since this is the first one, I’ll go light…

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March 8, 2010

This AINT watcha want NIGGA!

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Gripes of the New Age Mother

March 4, 2010

So….I’m about to go my first rant on this blog. If you cant understand OH the-hell WELL!(My sisters are used to it by now.)

I’m here sitting at work, just about fed UP with all this nonsense. I think the hardest thing about being a parent is having to deal with the other parent…It kills me to no end that the parent who has to do EVERYTHING under the sun, from nurse to private investigator to disciplinarian with no complaints…

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Be-late-d Valentine…=\

February 17, 2010
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So I guess…I’m a little late, but considering my personal feelings on the day. It’s fitting.

I am in LOVE…in fact, it’s the most purest form of love I’ve experienced since the birth of my child. It’s free. Not judgemental and most of all…its Real. Raw. Straight kinetic energy…its moves through me, it moves me, it makes me complete to where I didn’t know I was incomplete before….

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