Fixated Passion

A Call From A Friend

March 25, 2010

I swear, some of us females sureeeeee know how to pick ’em, huh? Not too long ago (around 3am), I got a text from a guy who, I’m afraid to admit, still has a little piece of my heart. And the irony of THIS text is, I had read an entry from kHRiS blog (@iTS_kHRiS) just mere hours before going to sleep, so waking up to a text after just expressing how this ninja still has me…? Yeah, pretty much screwed…

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In a World Where…

March 10, 2010

I decided to start this weekly post called, “In a World Where…”, because I got tired of hearing people say “Wheredeydothatat?” Obviously…HERE!DUH!!

Now since this is the first one, I’ll go light…

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Writer’s Block

March 10, 2010
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For the past three months, I’ve been creating written work non-stop. This includes all of my poetry, my visuals, stories and essays for school. Now that I’m done with my Essay Class and I can focus solely on my writing, I’ve seen to be drawing a blank… what to do?

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See, this that shit that make you wanna Al Green-hotgrits a NiNJA

March 8, 2010

AY seriously tho….SERIOUSLY tho….

I’m all of 2 minutes from hog tying and STABBING some muh’fukkin’ body…FOR REAL. Niggas have a severe case of ‘lyin-nigga-itis’ b/c my child’s father is a STUPID lying midget bitch. I can’t even hold back my anger…this…is why i didn’t add him as a friend on the devil’sbook [facebook] because I know i’ma nosey soul…KNOW THIS..

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Gripes of the New Age Mother

March 4, 2010

So….I’m about to go my first rant on this blog. If you cant understand OH the-hell WELL!(My sisters are used to it by now.)

I’m here sitting at work, just about fed UP with all this nonsense. I think the hardest thing about being a parent is having to deal with the other parent…It kills me to no end that the parent who has to do EVERYTHING under the sun, from nurse to private investigator to disciplinarian with no complaints…

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