Fixated Passion


If life had an explanation for the many things we were allowed to witness, then where would be the mystery?
— Strange0ne

We are Incredible, Remarkable and Well-Rounded. Brought together by our agendas; Staying together by our strength. Our words, thoughts and meanings change with the seasons; but our bond will change with the reasons… The everlasting sisterhood cannot be replaced!

Fixated Passion will be used specifically for the nurturing of our “writing” souls. It seems as the years push on, the true writers diminish, but I’d say we do a damned good job keeping it together on our end! At times we will post randomness (what’s a great BLOG without some comic relief once in awhile? Nothing I tell you!) and we will get seriously cruNk if we have to, but that’s the beauty of this here site. What’s a good writer if they can’t express themselves the way they want to?

Are you READY? (ala Trey Songz)


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  1. Yuuup! LOL

    Comment by flyymeng0peach — February 1, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

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