Fixated Passion

Holiday Dads…. | December 8, 2010

Hai, we haven’t updated this in ages but I’d like to send a quick message to the Holiday Dads….

Fck Outta Here B.

No I’m not from NYC but B has  crept into my vocabulary like a silent killer. and I like it there. (shrugs)

Seriously though to the dads that only make guest apperances during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Birthdays) any man created day, ya’ll can death drop from the nearest cliff and or steep point. I don’t understand it…like seriously your child isn’t only living on special occasions guy.

 He’s here 365.  If you didn’t know.

Get with it or get ALL the way lost…and those cheap (or expensive) gifts you may or may not bring around really don’t make nerry a difference, time waits for no one..make a difference or get the fuck on.

O and my your seasons be bright nshit



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