Fixated Passion

“It’s A GRAVITY Type Of Day” – Q.S. | March 10, 2010

My sister just tweeted those words to me and she couldn’t be any right! If you know me, then you know Steph Jones is to me!

Magnificent! -crumbles-

Now, I can’t take credit for being a Steph Jones fan for a long time, but I do have Chingy’s album and heard some of this man’s work prior to his Gravity lifetape. Long story short, this man is doing big things for 2010 and I think you should jump on the bandwagon now because I’m pretty sure I’ll be sharing his newfound stardom with millions more once they hear the beautiful melodies that comes out of his mouth and those lips… (Oh my sweet minty Jesus, THOSE LIPS!)

Here is the newest video to La La Means Love that Steph posted himself via his twitter and youtube pages. Also, he will be adding it to his Gravity lifetape (which you can download here ). I don’t remember where I was when I first heard this track, but when he played it during one of his live streams, I was all over it like white on rice, it was that good to my ears.

I cannot pick a favorite with this guy, I love all of his work…

Ya’ll know I watched that video over and over until my laptop died out on me. Ya’ll better go support my boothang and quit playing! I’m telling you, he’s the bomb and a half and he’s starting to do BIG things! Already getting featured on E! News (which you can see on his youtube) and doing interviews. I’m telling you, the underdog is coming out shining! Download that lifetape! Let’s continue this journey with him and give the people what they need – that feel good music!

(cranks up Southern Love) Steph, Steph, Steph…


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