Fixated Passion

An Accomplished Woman | February 24, 2010

Often enough, we all come to terms with the talents and hidden wonders that we possess can (and in most some cases will) take us to new beginning and new heights. As I sit here and finish up on a payment to two new domains (YES SISTERS!!! We will be blogging with our own domain soon!) I’ve come to find out that mine are well on their way.

Even though I am on Year 3 of a Bachelors of Science in Business, I learned that writing was my passion. Who knew that a young pre-teen would join a BBS Board and begin a journey that has led her to the finest of roads, finest of people, and finest of literature. I realized that the world is not in my hands, as many of us THINK it is, but I do possess piece of the land that makes up the world, and I plan on utilizing every little piece that I was blessed with.

I love sharing this blog with my sisters, because I feel I can talk, write and DREAM here and know that I have the winning team backing me up. We can write our ASSES off and whether people choose to read or not, this is where it will begin for us. My support system is so heavy and because of that, I’m choosing to create yet another blog, with my much longer and detailed writings, because I feel this blog is a starter blog for us. Our visuals, thoughts, feelings and emotions will go into this, but my Chapters, Imagination, Characters, Innovation and Creativity will be going to It Begins With ME.

Hello World, The Strange One is accomplished now! My sisters, are you ready? It can only get better from here!


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    Comment by sagehope — February 24, 2010 @ 5:55 pm

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