Fixated Passion

Who We Choose | February 22, 2010

Short Post, but it’s an interesting thought.

Who we choose to have in our lives, should be between US and the God that we serve (Rickey Smiley voice). I don’t know why I got the urge to post this, but lately, I’ve been reading magazine articles and interviews and seeing that artist are getting criticized for the company that they are keeping. And I use the term artist loosely because we [writers, painters, musicians, etc.] are all showcasing the same thing, just different ways.

Our talents should NOT have anything to do with what we do and who we are. Loving our sound, our words or our pictures we create should not have to come with a price of what people have been portraying to some individuals. Expressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions that innovate within us can and will be put on a pedestal against the mocking tones we encounter because unlike the people who talk, we listen. We hear what’s going on and see what’s happening. Talking or hanging out with certain people should not be the only things discussed on multiple occasions! Can I have my handful of happiness too?

Don’t worry about who I’m befriending; they don’t make up the person I am inside.

-via The Strange 0ne


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