Fixated Passion

Be-late-d Valentine…=\ | February 17, 2010

So I guess…I’m a little late, but considering my personal feelings on the day. It’s fitting.

I am in LOVE…in fact, it’s the most purest form of love I’ve experienced since the birth of my child. It’s free. Not judgemental and most of all…its Real. Raw. Straight kinetic energy…its moves through me, it moves me, it makes me complete to where I didn’t know I was incomplete before.

We spent the day together basking in each others aura. Sharing snuggles and passing off sweet words.  We’d made a solemn promise to love on our own terms. So keeping true that. There was no red, no hearts, no flowers or candy. Just LOVE. And it was good. Every millisecond, every minute, and every hour.

So to MrReggieJackson….sweetheart thanks for being my valentine ALL THE TIME! For our love floats when most sink…we live in our love while others just choose to exist. I appreciate you. And Happy Valentines Day to all of you out there who celebrated or wished to have had a Valentine.


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  1. YASSS <3 my Peach & her boothang.

    Comment by Fixated Passion — February 17, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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