Fixated Passion

Dedicated To The Lost Loves… | February 3, 2010

Poem from the heart..

I wrote you a letter 3 summers ago
I’m still wondering if you received it.
I waited so long for you to write me back;
apparently, you didn’t read it.
You said you needed me in your life
and I understood that clear
which is why I reached out to you
just to bring you near.


I heard you had a baby on the way
Congratulations, I guess
She’s 8 months with a boy.
Wow, ya’ll are truly blessed.
I thought I’d be giving you the boy;
you said you wanted it with me.
But, my broken heart finally let the truth out
something you truly couldn’t see.

I did have a baby;
Your baby, a precious little girl.
She looks just like you
and she’s my whole world.
The twinkle in her eyes
remind me of the season
that day we fell in love
and Shayla’s the outcome; she’s the reason
that I held on so tightly
and wanted to make it last.
But you never came back
and the seasons past so fast.
She’ll be 5 next week
and maybe she can see her little brother
if it isn’t a problem
with you or his mother.

You know, I hope you do right by her.
Marry her and make her happy.
I wish the life on her I once wanted
’cause I could never feel crappy
for her or me because It would be wonderful
If I could be with you,
and if my broken heart has to ache to make her that
then my heart will do what it has to do…

This note is just a goodbye though.
We wish you the very best.
Remember, Shayla and I still love you;
Our love beats out the rest.

Our HEART-beats out the rest.


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